Suzanne Harris Writer Editor Content Marketing

Superb writing, editing, creative, spelling, grammar, marketing and branding skills – all gained from my fastidious English Professor father and cum Laude Journalism/ Advertising degree.

I am a former spelling bee champ, ad agency copywriter, corporate marketing/ media director, and successful small business owner offering engaging content writing, marketing and creative collaboration, plus professional editing, proofreading, and marketing strategy – all with reliable, fast turnaround.

I have over 20 years of experience, and I can handle all kinds of web content, video scripts, email campaigns, collateral assets, inbound marketing content, WordPress, SEO, geo-optimization, and social media administration.

My default tone is down-to-earth and personal, but I’m a whiz at replicating your voice to communicate what you want to whom you want the way you want.

Some recent topics I’ve written about include personal finance, business tax law, online marketing, personal branding, business startup, security technology, Caribbean travel, weight loss strategies, EFT/visualization, yoga, translation, substance addiction, building materials, dog training, parenting, education, nutrition, and current events.

I also have extensive personal knowledge on subjects including US politics, European travel, expat life, children, parenting, teaching, schools, toys, women, exercise, health, and alternative medicine.

All of my past and current clients are thrilled with the high quality of my work, my responsiveness, availability, and ability to collaborate as a team member whenever requested.

Read my client feedback. You will not be disappointed.


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Writer. Editor. Grammar Queen.

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